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Batman v. Beetlejuice
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Batman v. Beetlejuice
J.T. Brooke
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"Batman Versus Beetlejuice" is a screenplay written by James Jared Wells for the movie "Beetlejuice", where it was proposed that Beetlejuice knock Batman into a pool of hippopotamuses.

For comic book publisher Jim Lee's art for "Beetlejuice: The Wedding Invitation" magazine #5, Wells scripted the screenplay's last two pages.

Another script came around for a possible sequel: "Batgirl vs. Beetlejuice", with the Batgirl story's setting at Gotham Hall, possibly to be linked with "Batman Returns", thus introducing Batgirl to Beetlejuice in the middle of a wedding reception (Beeberjuice was briefly mentioned in the "Batman Returns" storyline, and it's revealed in the "Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comic book that he was an accomplice to Rita Repulsa and her army).

The plot involved a "dreaded beast" of some kind (that was either Batman or Beetlejuice) that would eat Batman's cape.

Batman was thrown into a pool of hippopotamuses, while Beetlejuice was caught by a guard.

It was eventually abandoned after the idea of using DC Comics characters was deemed unfeasible.

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