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Inch by Inch through the Lions and Tigers
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Inch by Inch through the Lions and Tigers
Peks Desmond
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I guess you could call this a memoir or you could call it a story or if you're like me you can read it from front cover to back, put it down for a week, pick it back up and then put it in your box of labels. It is very fulfilling when you read and have an open mind to all of the questions and answers one presents and it is equally joyous when that one main character has made the most of her answers to the questions she's had to go through. 

If you haven't figured it out that character is me and this is my little bit of contribution to hopefully help the late night questions and the early morning drowsiness. Hopefully through her you can see the pockets of light as well as the dark and we can battle it together. 

What do you say? 

Do you trust me? because I promise not to jump all in if you're not ready. 

I've got you, I've always got you and I always will.


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