Bella Cooper and the Half-Bloods: The Fall of the Underworld (Percy Jackson FanFic) | Penana
Bella Cooper and the Half-Bloods: The Fall of the Underworld (Percy Jackson FanFic)
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Bella Cooper and the Half-Bloods: The Fall of the Underworld (Percy Jackson FanFic)
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Bella Cooper’s impromptu quest with the half-bloods to battle the Titan Perseus (who happens to be her great grandfather) tore a hole in the world she thought she understood. Four years later, and Greek gods, monsters, and superhuman abilities are all pretty normal for her. But when Bella has to start yet another new school, shit hits the fan pretty quickly:

Homicidal precalculus teachers, rampaging giants, and constant nightmares that prophesy nothing but bad news destroy any hope she had of staying out of trouble in her new school, and it’s all because she met a sweet girl named Acacia in her homeroom. 

When Acacia goes missing, Bella is forced to team up again with half-bloods Nico, Annabeth, and Percy to find and save her from the dark depths of the underworld. To make matters worse, her empousa powers are beginning to spiral out of control, and her Greek ancestry isn’t what she thought it was. Now, Bella only has a mere few days to save Acacia, discover the truth about her mother, and prevent (or further) the fall of the underworld.

*** You are more than welcome to read this story without reading the first one (the only other work on my page lol), but you may be missing a few pieces of the puzzle. Nothing super major, you can still enjoy the story without it!


All of these characters (except Bella, Claudia, and Acacia) are property of Rick Riordan and all that legal stuff. This fic doesn't contain any lore from Trails of Apollo or Heroes of Olympus, just the original Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I put this as PG 13 because there will be violence, a little gore, and some swearing (depending on how pissed Bella gets... 🙃)

Notes n Thank Yous!

After SO MANY OF YOU asking for a sequel to the FANTASTIC first installment of this fanfic series, HERE IS WHAT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING F- and I'm just kidding lol. truthfully, I forgot all about this account, because I stopped uploading my writing. I don't think the original fic is that good, because I wrote is ages ago lol, but apparently I was pretty wrong because 3.4k of you read it! wow!!! I just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much! It was really cool to see when I logged in for the first time in years lol. can you dedicate fanfics to people?? if you can, then this fanfiction is dedicated to @Mae writer here on penana, who's comments sent an email to me and inspired me to do this whole thing lol. my writing style has changed quite a bit (hopefully for the better), but I've put a lot of time and love into this thing, so I hope you like it! <3

thank you again,

- Reverie

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