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Kamen Rider Densho
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Kamen Rider Densho
Zoey Zeffrey
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Note: This is mainly (cross-)posted on the Kamen Rider Fanfiction Wiki! Link [[here]]!

The Kamen Riders. Heroes who have fought across time and space against evil, fighting in the name of love, peace and justice. However, while it is ultimately a tale of fiction that once originated as the ideas of a mangaka whose name lives on in history, fifty years later, its legacy has taken on many forms; from fanfiction to cosplays, from merchandise to statutes.

One of the many people who watches Kamen Rider is Kagerou Kobayashi, a young eighteen-year-old high school student currently entering his final year of high school. On February 6, 2022, as Kagerou tunes into the newest episode of Kamen Rider Revice, he goes on an outing with a few of his friends into the city, inadvertently bringing themselves into the main conflict of danger that lies ahead.

From the shadows, there lurks a mysterious specter that intends on creating monsters unlike any other, consuming the world in its eclipse... however, as Kagerou finds himself as the centerpiece of the hero's side, he indirectly creates a mysterious Driver and appropriate trinkets, using them to transform into the Gatekeeper of History (歴史の門番, Rekishi no Monban), Kamen Rider Densho (仮面ライダー伝承, Kamen Raidā Denshō)!

With his new power, a new conflict is waged, and the lore of the Kamen Riders will be carved once more in a world where it was once supposed to be fiction...

Author's Note: This is only going to be a 'summary' of what happens in the chapter. Imagine it like I'm editing a Wikia article to put brief episode plots, if you get what I mean.

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