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Ghostwriter Art - Book 2
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Ghostwriter Art - Book 2
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Going to be posting the artwork here for the second story of Ghostwriter.

Now, there is going to be the small spoiler for the end of the first book, but it kind of makes sense when realizing that the concept for the series is world jumping.

So spoilers below!

So the spoiler is that Kage ends up on a different world, one called Mirac.

On Mirac, the magic system is known as Fillamentia.

Magic in Mirac comes from the energy produced by living organisms. While animals and plants do produce some magic energy, it is so negligible it is rarely used. 

As humans' magical energy is produced, it takes the form of head hair, meaning their head hair is solid magical energy.

When one uses magic, their hair disintegrates from the tips, and different hair colours allow for different uses of magic.

A person's hair colour is based on their personality, for example, someone who acts on emotion would have bright red hair, while someone who is usually more logical would have blue hair.

There's a whole system for what kind of magic each colour has, as well as vivid hair versus light or dark hair, and the exceptions for black and white👀

May post more about that in here later.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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