Gnihzur: The Legendary Prokeral God Crow! | Penana
Gnihzur: The Legendary Prokeral God Crow!
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Gnihzur: The Legendary Prokeral God Crow!
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Gnihzur is a crow fledgling who has decided to transcend into a godly entity during the magnificent and auspicious era of crows where quantum consciousness advancement is ubiquitously rooted. Though his resolve is resolute in its cute firmness, many feathery and none feathery obstacles will present themselves in his path and try to pluck his mortality away from him before he can triumph.

Will he be able to learn how to slyly adapt to his newfound environment as well as cope with difficult situations and peers? Will he succeed in becoming an overpowered character who can easily claim the title of Prokeral God Crow?

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Genre: (Action-Adventure, Mythical & Urban Fantasy, Spirit-Cultivation, Light-Romance, Overpowered Characters, Titans, Zombies, Evil Organisation, Mutated Beasts, Psychological Warfare, Military Might, Magical Powers, Levelling, World Exploration)

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Total Reading Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
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