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When The Clock Stopped
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When The Clock Stopped
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9:25 am was when the clock stopped.

 It froze mid-tick. It’s like everything halted, every breath, every train, yet people kept on moving as if nothing was wrong. Until the doors opened. 

That’s when the screaming started. 

Sloane Claystone, wasn't extraordinary. She hated school, listened to Brittney Spears, and played the violin, occasionally the piano also. Her world turns upside down and inside out the day she ventures into the train station to go to her state-wide classical music competition. Sloane isn't sure what normal is anymore, when five men with guns kick open the train station doors. She's not going down without a fight. 

Esmond Maddox is the school golden boy, with just the right amount of teenage rebellion. When Sloane and him meet in the worst of scenarios, can both of them survive long enough to come to terms with the feelings brewing in between them? Sloane breaks down Esmonds false facade and lies are unveiled. 

Enjoy this story full of twists and turns and love blossoming in the worst of times. 

(p.s)-this story includes some violence and swearing, if that ain't your forte then don't read. Thanks a bunch. 

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