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The Widow's Sword 2! (Choose Your Adventure Game)
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The Widow's Sword 2! (Choose Your Adventure Game)
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A widow holds the legendary sword of her deceased husband, once a master swordsman. He taught her everything he knew. You, a small orphan child, stumble upon the widow and her sword. She decides to train you, and after months go by you finally become a master swordsman. The widow named Rose is proud of her young apprentice. But you soon realize that all your new skills will be put to the test in order to save your mother. **Continue the story where the last writer left off! Note to writers: At the END of the chapter please create TWO choices. The next writer must choose to write about ONE of the TWO.** (Sequel to The Widow’s Sword!) Special Thanks goes to:  Diana and Zuleihat.

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