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A Powerful Secret Book 2
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A Powerful Secret Book 2
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This is the original version of APS book 2. As of now, I've been reworking and redesigning the series entirely, from the ground up. In other words: there's gonna be a "new" book two; this is just the one I wrote with the past concept for this series.

What’s the issue this time? 

Why is that even a question? The issues should be pretty clear.

Whoever said that Ryo wasn’t going to face any punishment for having another ability outburst again… was lying. Aside from the emotional punishment — loneliness, stress, guilt, grief — having jail time in Cerbilis, the prison created for superhumans, is only worse. And he doesn’t even get better or figure out how to manage his damn power in the duration of time he spends over there — which, by the way, is constantly changing. He’s landed with a year in prison, and then it gets cut down to six months with a parole sentence. 

However, he figures that he deserves more than that.

My fault, my mess. I’m the monster here, so am I not getting punished more for it?

On the flipside, he was promised to “reform” during his prison sentence and “get better” as time went on. 

Yeah. That’s not happening at all. 

Once he gets out for his parole sentence, though… things quickly take a sharp, abrupt turn, and he’s led to somewhere unexpected. 

Kazu Sachihiro —-  an innocent and almost failure-less (almost) person, thank you very much — is stuck, still wondering about his father, Naozumi Sachihiro. Every day feels like a search for him, and nothing comes out of it. The pressure just gets worse, but he doesn’t want to express it. He’s never failed so many times before — and he’s not supposed to. 

But I am failing. So many failed attempts. That makes me a failure.

And lastly…

The Paranormal Fighting Alliance — or PFA — has been hidden long enough, even when superhumans were exposed, but there’s no hiding now. Everyone’s got eyes on them, waiting to see if they’re a good organization or not. And so far… there’s, well, mostly disapproval. 

The spotlight’s only more pressuring as the Alliance has to deal with a new blossoming issue.

That issue, you ask? 

Having their members going missing.

[CW] ⚠️ Contains violence, language, and (a bit) of gore. 

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