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The Silver Meadow
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The Silver Meadow
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Turning eighteen is not only a significant milestone for humans, but it is certainly more severe change in age for wolves. Carys gets to experience it on her own skin, starting with the compulsory participation in the Mate Harvest. But the night of summer solstice does not go as she hoped.

First, an unwelcomed guest appears there, intimidating everyone with his presence, and then the night takes a highly unexpected direction. Carys' world is turned upside down without her having a word in it only to have its foundations shaken again just a moment later.

With no options left, she has to fight something stronger than the very essence of her soul that caused the problem in the first place. And doing it suddenly in a completely foreign pack right in front of those insanely light green eyes that has been chasing her dreams, it is not a walk in the park.

Carys finds herself locked in her own heart, discovering feelings she had no idea existed. Taking the rough path that life so surprisingly revealed to her, she heads right to its core. The green depths of the Silver Meadow.

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Total Reading Time: 31 minutes
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