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[Level-up] World's Only F Class!!
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[Level-up] World's Only F Class!!
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The end of the world came so suddenly when worldwide disasters struck nearly destroying the political borders of the world. As the humans thought this might be the end, help came from the shadows unknown. 

'They' established a new order under the name of the world council. 'They' brought hope by uniting the world under one leadership yet with them came changes...

As the disasters settled curtains were lifted on now new world one with dungeons, monsters, and supernatural powers. Explore this new world through the eyes of Edmond Dantes, as he chases after his dream of becoming a 'Hunter'. There is only one problem though...

Ed -" Um.. system can I ask you a question?"

[ ..yes.]

Ed -"I thought only those who are awakened can see the system?"


Ed -" ... but I haven't awakened yet"


Ed -"..." 

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