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The Under
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The Under
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Nycin gave a small cough. The fumes were worse here, in the north side of the city. She glanced around. There were powerlines and felled buildings scattered here and there, and Nycin shiver against herself. Abandoned, the city seemed to say. And Nycin believed it.

Until something clamped her mouth shut and dragged her away.


Nycin is a seventeen-year-old girl living in the Under, a city that exists below the capitals' noses. It thrives with thieves and assassins, and crawls with vermin, but lacks money and food. When Nycin's father Zander teaches her the ways of a thief and sends her to the Above, the world that thrives with all, she is proud to be sent. 

Until she's caught.

With a twist of fate, she ends up in the capital of Mable, in the King's home. She befriends Crown Prince Carn but uncovers a deadly plot. 

Does she have the guts - and wits - to survive and save the continent of Treisan?


Warning! There are some themes of gore and abuse that may affect some viewers. There is mild language. Read at your own risk!


This is an ongoing story and will be updated weekly or daily. (Depends what I feel like.) Enjoy!

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