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7 Minutes in Heaven[SLOW UPDATES]
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7 Minutes in Heaven[SLOW UPDATES]
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7 minutes...

7 minutes was all it took for two person’s world to be turned upside down. They knew each other yet they didn’t know each other. They were at the same school; one being shy and introvert and another being an extrovert and party monger. But one dare made themselves visible to each other.

Rio Sanders is a typical shy nerd, who loves to bury himself in his books. An A+ student with a dark past. A wild 7 minutes was enough to make himself question about his true personality and catch the eye of the party animal of Roschend High.

Emily Johannas is an outgoing girl of Roschend High who loves to party. There’s no such party thrown by her schoolmates that she didn’t attend. Booze, dancing and late night revelry was all she knew. But a wild 7 minutes with a hot nerd lit the fire in her. She wanted him.

To achieve true love and happiness these two polar opposites must face their demons and embark on a journey to find the true meaning of life.

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