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The Missing Unveiled
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The Missing Unveiled
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28 years ago a bet between two Gods was made, they based it on the faith of two mortals. If either faltered into corruption the God of Healing, Sulaiman Chevalier, would lose. However, if they remained faithful to the values of righteousness, the God of Destruction, Osmond Granville, would lose. Time would pass and the two would grow up to be fine men, that is until they turned 18. To the surprise of all Gods, this bet would take a turn for the worse when one of the mortals, Lexxon Asher, went mad and ended up slaughtering his own clan. It is said that he murdered all in sight with a swift slash of his blade, including himself at the very end. Time would pass and this tragic event would become known as "The Great Mishap".  Yet, 10 years later strange disappearances have been occurring in the small town known as Floria. A local town meeting is being held to address these disappearances. This is where our hero's gather for a couple words. This includes : Remmington Krofton, Baxton Langston, Percivl Lathan, and Lexxon Ash-... Wait, Lexxon Asher!? But 10 years ago...didn't he...?
This is the story of our heroes who face and conquer their past hardships. (LGBT themes will be included) Will try to update every week!

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