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Moonlight and Blood
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Moonlight and Blood
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The Empire controls the whole world. It has controlled the whole world for centuries. To some, it has given unimaginable wealth and subtle yet almost complete power. To most it has given work, suffering, grief and pain. 

There were hundreds of millions of slaves. And for so longs we had no hope. But then ... then there was hope. And it came to life like how a dry, dead forest sparks into a raging fire. 

I have never known slavery. My mother ensured that. The war for freedom has lasted almost my entire life. And I am honoured to be able to fight with my comrades and people. 

But in the midst of war, hope is hard to cling to. 

Especially when you're just one teenager in standing in front of something as all-consuming as oppression itself.

This work is in the public domain and anyone can do whatever they want with it.

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