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His filthy lies
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His filthy lies
Esmée Irvene
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Say, what ?!

NewYorks most eligible bachelor Diavolo Veneziani got his...'mistress' pregnant ? The one who sold his company secrets to his rivals ? And she has amnesia ?  

Dιαʋσʅσ Vҽɳҽȥιαɳι doesn't do relationships or one night stands , especially with petite platinum blondes looking for a golden goose that lays 'credit cards', pun intended. But when his eyes fell on Evenora Genovese, he had to have her. When a passionate night with Eve in his arms left him wanting for more , the next thing he knew was knocking on her door with a bouquet in hand. But this relationship came in with consequences.  Like Evenora selling out his secrets to his bussiness rivals, the McAllisters, the family he loathed since forever. 

He knew he shouldnt have trusted Evenora. But now that shes out of his life for good , he should feel relieved , or should he ? Then why does he feel this pang in his heart , like he'd let her down instead of the other way around ?

Eʋҽɳσɾα Gҽɳσʋҽʂҽ had closed herself from the rest of the world because of her tragic past. After her so called family abandoned her to rot in the streets, she learnt to never let anyone in. But with Diavolo, all her defenses failed. When her hot one night stand came knocking on her door she couldnt say no. 

But now that theres two pink lines staring back at her , she doesn't know what to do, especially since Diavolo has kicked her out of his house and his...life.

After a tragic incident when Diavolo finds out that Evie has lost her memory and is pregnant with his baby, he tells her a simple lie. He's her Fiancé. The plan was simple. Keep her close until she gives birth to his baby, and then toss her out. But what he didn't count on was for Evie to regain her memory back , and to unveil secrets he never expected of.

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