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Skylar Blake
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Welcome I want to tell you about this story and I hope you will take a chance at read it. Elementis is the land of Elementals Fire Water Light Ice and Earth. The people of this lands's ancestors were cursed 2,000 years ago and since the Eloquence(power) is revealed when you experience deep anger, rejection, despair or physical/mental pain. Meet Queen Asha queen of Ashrain(Fire kingdom) she has only recently turned 18, after and attack on Isteria(Ice Kingdom) the 4 kingdom decide to meet at the Haven neutral meeting ground for the rulers. The identity of her proxy that keeps her identity hidden from the other kingdoms due to her being underage is revealed and the other rulers with this information decide to send her in as a spy to Terberris the kingdom of Earth Elementians to seduce Prince Caspian and to figure out what King Tyraunt's plans is after attacking Isteria. Things go in a very different direction then Asha first thought love triangles and unforeseen circumstances, I hope you choose to read my book and if possible give me feedback I am very passionate about this idea <3<3

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