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Anastasia was born in 1762, and in 1773 when she was only 11, she was kidnapped from her home in Amalfi, Italy and sent to England, where she was tortured with a strange, burning, sparkling blue liquid. She's bitten by a vampire at age 18 and once her captors find out, they force Dead Man's Blood into her systems. It drives her crazy, but the american army discovers her in 1801, and helps her escape. She lives on her own for a while, creating a string of murders for almost 120 years, before the government finds her and sends her to a training camp for spies/assassins as a part of a deal she made seeing as they couldn't put her in prison or put her on death row since she had only killed convicted killers and pedophiles/sexual predators. 

Years later it's 2011, and Anastasia is sent to Washington D.C where she works for an undercover military base known as N.E.S.T. where she meets her new partner; Dino. At first they have trouble getting along since they both prefer to work alone due to their pasts, but eventually they find it hard to do anything without each other.

I do not own anything except the plot and my oc's.

Transformers belongs to Hasbro.

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