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Weld Mountain- A Lands of Ralosia Story
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Weld Mountain- A Lands of Ralosia Story
Alejandro Gustavo Sanchez
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The Lands of Ralosia: The Weld Mountains

Aero and Jirro travel into the volcanic region, the Weld Mountains, in search of a peculiar looking gem. The Mecarne Temp guides them through the scorching area. They come across peculiar creatures, an old enemy, and learn firsthand what a Mecarne is capable of.

The Lands of Ralosia series takes place in a world with individuals capable of incredible feats of strength, animals of abnormal size, and races of people with distinct anatomy and cultures.

This story acts as the 8th entry in the Lands of Ralosia series. I try to write each story in such a way that it can be read as someone's entry point to the series, and this story is no different. There are certainly references to past events, but I don't believe its essential to read this story. Feel free to read which ever stories in the series which sound most interesting to you, or in order to see the greater story going on.

This story is preceded by The Lands of Ralosia: The Fighting Academy

A story that leads well into this one is The Lands of Ralosia: Lupine Lake.

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