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Devils' Mark
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Devils' Mark
Cherryl Weaver
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Zaylee never imagined that the man she slept with 'that night' would be supernatural. It never crossed her mind. Not even once. Even during the strange encounter when she was pregnant with her child, she ignored those countenance as a superstitious belief. She thought that it is only a drive of motherly instincts that heightened her senses as a pregnant woman.. What will she do when she stumbled upon the man she never recognizes but her guts does? What happens when they continue to 'accidentally' or 'coincidentally' met? Will she allow herself to fall for him or stay away from him? 

A roller coaster of the ride will surprise Zaylee, but the question is, will she allow the wheel to control he life? Or will she grab the wheel and steer it in the direction she wanted to take? Everything is up to Zaylee as she's the only one who can control her fate.

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