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Quartz Witch
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Quartz Witch
Isabelle Quilty
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A Witch without her familiar, won’t be a Witch for very long.

In the winding streets of Sydney, more and more witches arrive everyday as the melting pot boils. Witches are guarded by their familiars, humans gifted with an animal aspect that enhances their strength and senses, granting them the animals’ abilities.

Sienna, a young Quartz Witch born in Korea is in need of a new familiar, as her old grey wolf deems it time to retire. Upon his recommendation Sienna hires Alistair, an ever-silent black maned Lion with a taste for ramen. But for them to fully forge their bond, Sienna must trust him with her greatest secret.

With a shadowy force brewing that seems eager to up-end her Coven, Sienna is in desperate need of the strength of a bond between the Familiar and their Witch, and she’s running out of time to decide whether to trust her silent guardian.

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Total Reading Time: 52 minutes
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