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Shiro's World Tour in the Apocalypse
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Shiro's World Tour in the Apocalypse
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Shiro Tokisada loves music more than anything else in the world. He was the vocalist of an amateur band but on the night of showcasing their music in a contest, things went sideways when zombies suddenly came swarming in and turned the contest from joyous live performances to gore galore and amidst that tragedy Shiro got bit and died in the process.......or so how it went. 10 years had passed Shiro awoke from his "death", quickly realising that the world he lives in has now gone to hell but what's this? He refuses to accept it!? 

"What? .....Whaaaaat!? The world is dead? Music is dead too!? ....Yeah right! No way am I gonna accept that! If music's dead then I'm going to revive it!"

" How you say?, Of course I'm going on a world tour and fill the world with music hehe!" 

Watch him as he goes through a heartwarming slice of life journey, come through meeting and parting as he takes on a world tour!.

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Total Reading Time: 23 minutes
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