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The Book Club
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The Book Club
T. S. Stone
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This is the book club. This is where writers can join in and give feedback to other writers or receive it. My team and I will publish issues about some of our stories, our advice on how to write in certain ways, and updates on projects that we are starting or updating. If you think you have a lot of advice on writing to give, feel free to join. You can also totally join in if you like reviewing people's work and offering criticism or receiving it. To join you can send me a request to be an idea contributor or just message me telling me you'd like to join. I have space for one more member at the moment so if you're interested please let me know! Anyone can also feel free to comment on story ideas or give feedback in the comments.

Each chapter/issue will have either some advice from one of our members or a summary of a story that one of our members is working on or has already published.

***Copyright: Please be respectful of the story ideas shared in this book by not replicating the text you read or using the full, unchanged ideas as your own. If anyone does steal an idea or replicate the text in this book, their name will be put at the end of each chapter/issue with a warning to other users not to interact with the user because of their behaviour.***

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