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Crystal Memories
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The year is 2050 A.D: Black Star, an infamous, ruthless organisation, hellbent on destroying humanity, has taken over cities in countries across the globe. If anyone attempts to rise up, or even talks about rebelling, they will be silenced. The leaders of Black Star, The Five, are the most powerful beings in the known universe, with abilities beyond our understanding. There hasn't been anyone able to stop them for decades. But there is someone that can surpass The Five...

Flint: A masked amnesiac that was put to sleep and isolated in Scotland for 30 years.

He is woken up by two scientists, named Ricky and Holly Green, former members of the F.B.I. They are the only ones who can help find his memories, which were hidden away when he was put to sleep. Only by regaining his memories can Flint even hope to bring down Black Star and become a hero. Little does he know that his journey will spiral into a crazed adventure of madness and tragedy. Finding friends and unlikely allies along the way, can Flint become as strong as his destiny says he will be? All whilst discovering who he was?

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