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Sweets Girl & The Waistcoat Man
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Sweets Girl & The Waistcoat Man
Lin Musen 林木森
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Author : Lin Musen 【林木森】

The story about an orphan girl. She was a loner. One day in the past someone gave her a lot sweets. She keep the sweets inside her bag. When her friends saw those sweets, they want those sweets. Realised the sweets made her became a bit popular, then everyday she brought sweets. Since then people called her Sweets Girl.

The story about a man, not a looker by far. One day in the past he decided to wear a waistcoat. Some people then pay him a half way compliment. Realised the waistcoat made him look better, he started to wear it almost everyday, no matter the occasion. At work, shopping at the mall, hiking, etc. So people seen him, day in and day out. Then people called him Waistcoat Man.

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