Traffic jams on the December bridge: how to avoid and get out of them | Penana
Traffic jams on the December bridge: how to avoid and get out of them
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Traffic jams on the December bridge: how to avoid and get out of them
Chris Alex
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The December long weekend is just around the corner and many Spaniards are preparing to enjoy a few days of rest. The DGT has planned a special device for these days in order to guarantee the flow of traffic. However, in some areas, traffic jams will be unavoidable. That's why we give you some tips to avoid and escape them. If you have the manual transmission then you need to more focus on the traffic jams. The AUTOFORTRADE report tells you all these details about the used auto and manual transmission cars.


Organize the outing well. Check the Traffic forecasts that the DGT publishes on its website. There are also applications, like Waze, to know the state of the roads. Other useful apps are RACC Info transit or that of the DGT, which also reports any unforeseen events through the Twitter accounts @informacionDGT and @DGTes.GET UP EARLY TO GO OUT THE SAME DAY

Nobody likes to get up early. However, getting up early to enjoy a little vacation does not hurt so much, and if, in addition, we get rid of the stress that a traffic jam generates, better than better, even if we can lose a day of rest. The problem is that you meet many people who decide to do the same as you.

The DGT recalls that the worst hours from Monday to Friday are between 7:30 and 9:30 and between 18:00 and 20:00 because that is when people enter or leave work. On Saturdays, the most conflictive hours are between 10:00 and 12:00, and on Sundays, between 18:00 and 21:00.


Another option that many resorts are to travel at night to reach the destination in the morning. We will avoid traffic jams for sure but all precautions must be taken to avoid falling asleep. If you feel sleepy, it is best to stop at a rest area and nap.

Traveling at night requires a lot of caution, especially if they are long trips | Photo: Shutterstock


The alternative routes are a good way to escape traffic jams, but sometimes we wait a little more to reach our destination. Alternative itineraries are published on the DGT website in areas with the highest traffic intensity. Analyze these routes and choose the one that suits you best.


The toll roads are another alternative route. Although it is a pain to pay, sometimes it is worth it because these roads are less congested than highways and conventional roads. Think that what you pay you save on fuel because a lot of gasoline is spent in traffic jams.

Toll roads have less congestion | Photo: Shutterstock

If you still cannot escape the traffic jam, follow these other tips from the DGT:

  • Safety distance. Maintain a front clearance that allows you to stop without hitting the vehicle in front.
  • Observe. Check your mirrors frequently, if they get too close to you from behind, alert them with the brake lights, increase the front clearance, or even look for an escape.
  • Speed. Adapt your speed by reducing to lower gears, until stopping if necessary. When resuming driving, do not accelerate sharply.
  • Attention to blind spots. Before changing lanes, make sure that no vehicle passes. In traffic jams, blind spots can play a trick on us.
  • Distractions. A traffic jam is prone to distractions: looking at your mobile, looking for music ... We must avoid them so that a mistake does not cost us a collision with the vehicle in front.
  • Dazzling. Face-to-face sun during a traffic jam is a collision risk factor. Wear sunglasses or parasols to avoid glare.
  • Aggressiveness. Sudden lane changes or the use of the horn only create nerves. You have to avoid these behaviors and stay calm and collected.
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