"Hidden" Planethumans And Countryhumans (Reader Insert) | Penana
"Hidden" Planethumans And Countryhumans (Reader Insert)
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"Hidden" Planethumans And Countryhumans (Reader Insert)
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"Liars, Traitors, Selfish, and Foolish is what describes humans that live on The Planet Earth. They try to do everything to possess as their own that doesn't belong to them" Is what the planets of the solar system believe but one day they soon found out about this 'Hidden Country' A country filled with truthful and thoughtful humans but they're hidden by their ruler a terror-struck ruler that is scared to show its self from the other humans

"You can keep as quiet as you take, But one day somebody will find you"
C/n is a country but, A hidden one. Nice civilians around its country and a ruler of the country will do anything to keep it hidden from existence, lies, and traitors 
They're scared to be found who knows what will happen?  If a country will find them they would probably colonize or possess it as their own
Meet Y/n the ruler of the so-called C/n the hidden country
"Oh me? I'm just the future ruler!"
"You stole everything from me Y/N!"
"Oh well well, looks like someone is gonna join the fun ey?
Warning! Gore, Deaths, Genocide will be included in the story!

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Total Reading Time: 9 minutes
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