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Peacefall: Book Two of The Fourpointe Chronicles
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Peacefall: Book Two of The Fourpointe Chronicles
J. Rutherford
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The time has come. King Jameson arrives on the Continent to seal his union with his betrothed, Queen Taresa. The marriage will unite the two most powerful kingdoms of Afari: Marland and Ibia. What’s more, Jameson will be able to start his family, to carry on the legacy of Kin Saliswater.

The gravity of such a regal union is not lost on the four Saliswater quadruplets – Symon, Dawkin, Ely, and Gerry – who continue their clandestine ruse as King Jameson. Their lifelong secret continues to serve them well, right up to the exchange of wedding vows . . .

Then chaos ensues. The end of a fragile peace begins.

Kin Saliswater – and soon the whole of Marland – find themselves embroiled in attacks and insurrections, which rise and fall without provocation or warning. The brothers suspect a sinister plot connects all these seemingly random events, but with enemies too numerous to count, none can determine the true source.

With danger looming at every corner of their nation, the highest authorities in Marland convene to formulate a response. In the guise of King Jameson, the four arrive at the gathering . . . Where they encounter a force determined to end them all.

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Total Reading Time: 9 hours 40 minutes
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