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Mind Of Sen
Tee Lin Ti
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Think of what dad once said to me, I immediately became depressed mood.

"Do not regret it before saying if.”

In real life, Sen often because of something unimportant and dad quarreled.In the meantime, um ... 

Inadvertently said something offensive to each other.Now, Sen can't forget everything I said.

"Affection is more important than love.”

Many times, you think it doesn't matter or it doesn't matter,but in the eyes of the elders it all comes too

Important.Even the elders sometimes think that family is more important than their own life.

"Affection is the first, love is the second."

Sen decided to run to distant cities for the sake of his girlfriend.So he argued with his father.On the side

The little sister Xiao came to stop."Dad and brother, you give me quiet!"I'm doing my homework. don't bother me.”

Xiao angry said.So, his father asked a word, in your heart, Dad and girlfriend you choose.

Finally, Sen left only a note on the living room table with heavy luggage. 

The note says,:

I'm sorry, dad!

I have the power of choice. goodbye.

The next morning, Sen received an emergency call from the hospital.He just found out that dad was in the hospital.,

Because of acute heart pain.So the rescue is ongoing.Sen  stood outside and walked back and forth worried.

He knew that once the family is lost, it is gone.So Sen decided to come back to stay with dad.

"Affection can be only once happy, but not without love”

Sen was always scolded by his father when he was young, so that he could never understand.But then Sen came to understand that the reason for everything.Growing up, Sen always found a reason to find his heart wants freedom.But at this point,one side of the father only to say goodnight Sen turned away.Sen still cares, so he made up his mind.

Immediately to the room with a pen and note to the living room on the table began to write notes.Sen wrote it down. he wrote it down in the middle.Fell asleep on the table.Dad found that the light in the living room was still on, so he went to the living room.So dad saw Sen lying asleep on the table, next to a note.Dad gently picked up the note.

The note says,:

"Dad, I want your support.,

Although that may be hard for you to accept.,

But it's my dream, and it's what I want to do.,

Is that okay?Is that okay?Is that okay?”

Dad kept staring at the note, slowly the tears kept flowing down,

Because dad was worried that he might wake the sleeping innocent.,

So dad immediately ran to the room, he decided to write a note to Sen.

Dad gently put the note on the living room table,

Then put the coat on the shoulder of Sen.

Dad silently turn off the lights back to the room.

Whoo!        Whoo!     Whoo!

The next morning, Sen was awakened by an early Rooster.

He found an extra coat behind him.,

There was a note on the table, a heavy album.

The note says:

"Sen, dad didn't stop you.

But you have to promise me

Take good care of yourself. don't make me worry too much, okay?”

After Sen read, he silently opened the album on the table.

The album is full of Sen's childhood photos,

Sen turned over and over, he suddenly turned to half.

And I found a picture of my dad holding Sen.,

So he decided to run to dad's room.

Sen asked Dad:

"Are you really willing to let go of my hand,

Let me fly like a bird freely?”

Dad said,“Would you listen to me if I said no?"”

A minute and a second past.

In the evening,  Sen decided to go to dad's room.

Sen asked.:

"Dad, do you want to join us for a drink?"

"No!"Answered Dad.

Sen said again.:

"Dad, please eat seafood dinner?"

"That's more like it!"Now go out!"

Time is running out. Tomorrow is the morning flight.

You haven't packed your bags yet! Let's go!"answered Dad.

"Good! Sen answered.

Two hours later, the two returned home.

Sen immediately went to the room to tidy up the luggage.

Dad to the room will be saving money for a long time,

A letter to Sen.

Dad's long-winded exhortation to Sen,

"Don't come back!

Take care of yourself!”

After saying Dad silently back to the room to rest.

The next morning, Sen went out with his luggage.

Dad looked at the two left, suddenly felt very touched.


Dad got a message from Sen.

"Dad, it's Taoyuan Airport,

Preparing for boarding.”

Dad has read.

"Affection is the most precious bond in the world.”

Sen went to a place where he didn't grow up.

He was betrayed by his friends and used as a tool.,

The encounter let Sen did not accept.

So he began to miss home, he found that home is always so warm.

So he immediately contacted dad, told dad about his encounter.

Sen heart instantly settled down, it seems that only dad can understand his sore spot.

In this case, no matter where he is in the world, as long as he stays in touch.,

He thought that was a meaningful thing to do.

About this, Sen suddenly remembered that dad had been to him said 

one sentence“ " friends will not necessarily accompany you

For a lifetime, but the family has been in the heart of the closely followed

You walk every corner, this is the family.”

Time passes Day by day, New Year will come.

In three!Two!One!

Ding-dong!Ding dong!Ding-dong!

Sen got the message.,

He ordered it in. it was Dad's message.

It says in the message.:

"Sen, remember to come home for the New Year!"”

Sen has read.

He did not seem to want to reply to the idea.

Dad found out, and he was angry.:

"Why don't you go to sleep!"Good night.”

The next morning, Sen thought and thought.

He plans to go home early to spend the New Year with his father.

So Sen bought a plane ticket to Taipei.

Sen picked up a flight at 6: 10 this morning.

Ready to return to Taipei to surprise dad.

After two hours, the plane arrived.

He was ready to go home.


The door seemed to become very heavy,

He thought it wouldn't be a surprise!

So, Sen said directly: "dad, Sen is back!”

As a result, there was a sudden sound coming from behind.

It's dad.

"Dad is scared by you!"How the information is not returned!

Dad thought you didn't want to come back!”

Sen, change the subject now.,

Aah!Aah!Dad, this is a native Japanese product.

The locals say it's good for the elders.,

Remember to eat twice daily!

Dad went straight to work without saying a word.

So Sen went back to his room.

He was too tired to move in his bed.

The room was full of things.

At night, dad came back.

He went to Sen's room for a look.

 Sen still sleep.

Dad saw the floor full of things.

So he helped to sort it out.

There's a note left on the floor.,

It says,:

"It takes almost a year for me to go to Japan to participate in the competition

In other words, there is no way to come back next year.”

That's it, because the first note,

Sen also began to get used to dialogue with dad with a note.

Dad's speechless seems to be silently agreed.

Sometimes happiness is just a very simple thing.

Momentary pleasure is short but brings more surprises.

"Default is the best answer”

"Life has many doubts, but the default to help doubts to prepare for the worst."”

The next morning,Sen came downstairs and met Dad but did not say anything.

He didn't seem to dare to talk to dad about it.

So dad said, “We all know!"Dad knows everything!

 In fact, in this period of your sleep, Dad into your room.”

Sen did not seem to dare to say anything, only back to dad a well.

The obscurity is like saying No to Sen.

Dad only picked up chopsticks to eat.

So Sen also picked up the chopsticks to continue eating.

In the side of the sister Xiao asked:

"What's the matter with you?Fight again!”

Dad was right there.:

"Good!No talking!”

Sen left the table after eating.

Everybody eat up.

Little sister asked about dad just you and brother?

What's going on?You don't always say anything.

Dad bluntly nothing.

"Well!Good night!  Xiao said.

The next morning, Dad found that Sen was not downstairs for breakfast.

Dad found something wrong immediately ran to Sen's room to find Sen.

I didn't expect it to happen!

Sen is not in his room.

The luggage was taken.

An empty wardrobe seemingly explains everything.

There is a note on the table in the room.

The note says,Sen one step ahead!"That's it!See you”

Dad decided to use to message Sen.

It says in the message.:

"Where Have you been! Is there a plan to run away from home?”

But Sen only has read, no response.

In fact, dad has been calling all afternoon.

But received is no answer.

Dad didn't seem to give up.

In the evening, dad continued to use to message Sen.

"Sen, dad didn't say you can't go. it's just ... 

Can't find the right time to say it yet.

Come back here!Okay?”

Sen responded.The situation has changed.

So dad was relieved to return to the room to rest.

I thought all this should be in a dream.

Dad still doesn't think Sen would do that.

The next morning, Dad opens the Sen room.,

See Sen asleep in the bed.

There's a note missing from the table.,

The luggage is quietly placed next to the wardrobe,

Closet full of clothes,

The message remains only the day before yesterday.

Everything's back to normal.,

The Citta calms down instantly,

Dad only found out that all this was a dream.

So at noon, everyone at the table to eat together.

It's been a long time!

Everybody's done.

In the afternoon, dad told Sen:

"Dad told you! Yesterday dad had a terrible dream.

Dad dreamed that you took your luggage and left home.

Then you just left a note.

The note also says,:

"You're one step ahead!"

See you”

Dad said to himself.

"Hope that does not happen!

I hope it's not true!“

As if Sen does not exist in the same space.

Dad went back to his room.

Sen was surprised to hear it.

It turned out dad had a strange dream.

Sen remembered. No wonder he just ate at the table.,

Dad kept looking in the direction of Sen.

Everything is for a reason.

Sen seems to realize the intention of dad.

At night, Sen went to dad's room.

Sen, tell dad.:

"Dad, Sen didn't want to run away.,

It's all just a dream!

Dad, come down and eat!”

Sen seems very sincere and said.

Dad still motionless in the room hesitated.

At this time Sen only silently waiting for dad's answer.

Time is ticking away.,

Finally dad figured it out.

So dad said a word to him.:

"Is it possible that you will suddenly one day like Dad dreamed?"”

Sen asked Dad a question.:

"It may not mean that it will happen, well!"”

Dad listened straight out of the room.

Sen was suddenly relieved.,

I think things finally solved!

Day after day, everyone ate together.

Everyone at the dinner table is concentrating on eating.

There is absolutely no dialogue.

Everybody's done with dinner.

Each to their own room.

A silence, leaving only the enthusiasm of the insects.

Maybe there are times when something doesn't stay too long and get bored.,

Some things stay for a long time still exist.

Even a long relationship.

The next morning, the warm sun shone through the windows of everyone's room.

It's like I'm saying hello.

So everyone went downstairs at the same time.

The same thing is repeated every day,

Downstairs for breakfast.,

After breakfast, went back to the room.

"Although every day repeated doing the same thing in the eyes of others feel very boring, but it is very happy."”

The same is true of life.

All of a sudden, a text message stunned everyone at home.

A message from the hospital.

It says in the text.:

"Here is the hospital.

Not long ago, the patient Sen was taken to a nearby hospital in an accident.

At present, Sen is not out of danger.

Please come to the hospital immediately!”

All the people in the family knew and rushed to the hospital immediately.

The most nervous thing outside the emergency room is dad.

Dad kept muttering to himself,:

"God don't take Sen away!"”

After an hour or so.

After some rescuing.

The emergency notice board was suddenly extinguished.

The paramedics came out.

Sen was pushed out lying in a hospital bed.

The doctor just said it was okay!

Because this makes everyone suddenly relieved.

For a long time, we will continue to go back.

Then I saw dad still guarding Sen.

Sen slept soundly like he hadn't rested for a long time.

Dad is tired too.Directly on the edge of the hospital bed Sen lying asleep.

The next morning, Sen's eyes slowly open.

Sen's fingers also slowly move up.

Sen looked to the side of the bed.Hey, Dad!

"Dad, you spent the night in the hospital?"!

Dad, why don't you go back to bed?”

Sen thought to say that he was sent to the hospital because of the accident accident.

At the same time, dad was also a roar to Sen after woke up.

And dad screamed.:

"Dad thought you were too hard!"How did you get to the office last night?

Is it so late that there is still business to be done?Is it your health or your company?!“

We are a family owned and operated business.It's all right.”

Dad called " last night was very strange suddenly received a call from the hospital, you know no good."”

At noon, the nurse is to help Sen physical examination, then the blood pressure.

"Good!Everything's fine! The nurse said and went out.

When it was time to eat, the canteen staff in the hospital went to the bedside to deliver meals.

"Hello, here are two packages, paid.

Enjoy your meal!”


Dad started talking to Sen.

"Maybe you need some time to recuperate,

That's why dad took you off with the company.,

Don't worry too much!”

Dad, keep going.:

"No more accidents.,

I don't want to worry about dad again!

Dad was serious talking to you.”

Send said, " Whoo!" Seems to really understand.

Then Sen quickly from the backpack gently out of the laptop.

Dad got a miss.So dad went straight to Send and said,:

"Oh!Do you want to keep working?

Are you hurt or not working?”

Sen continues typing without demur.

The typing took nearly three hours.

In the side of the dad had been sleeping in his sleep.

So after another Sen received the customer information, also made a lot of calls.

However, there are many reports that require him to spend a lot of time reviewing.

There's a mountain of work, like there's no way to get it done.

In the evening, the delivery staff came to deliver meals.

So Sen was willing to put down the business, dinner with dad.

Dinner is over and I'm full.

Sen is like a train, fast to do business and do.

By almost ten.

Dad suddenly felt something and said to Sen,:

"Do you remember dad before the album on the table in the living room?"

You open it and look again.”

Sen then put down the business, open the album.

Sen suddenly shouted: "Yes!This is the picture.

He took this picture and said, " Why is it here so much more than at home?"”

Dad decided to tell Sen.So he started talking to Sen.

"Sen, because this is the place where you were born,

Then Dad here to hold you up, and then happy to look at you.

So the mother at the side pressed the shutter to take this picture,

Here is the background in the photo.”

Sen listen to listen to tears also slowly stay.

“It seems like a long story, " dad told Sen.

Perhaps there is no way to complete the story!“

Dad then said to Sen: "speaking of you when you were young just born eyes are very charming, all the people have been staring at you."

Because your little sister Xiao has not been born, you become the first piece of treasure in the eyes of parents.

Dad and mom are not eccentric, but your little sister is still small and needs a little more care.

But when you were three years old, your little sister came to the House.

Every time you want to ask for a hug, see dad picked up his little sister and pulled her down.

We were worried that you couldn't accept your little sister.

Whether it is good to see you now with your little sister feelings, decided to tell you.

Then mom and dad decided to temporarily take you to Grandma's house for grandma to take care of.

When your little sister was three years old, she picked you up, and you were five years old.

After a period of time, year after year has passed.

You were picked up at the age of five, but at the time you didn't seem to want to talk to your little sister.

Until one day, the little sister ran to your room.

Xiao asked you " brother!"Brother!Can you fold a paper plane for me?”

Then you are willing to respond to little sister.

And your response at this time is really like a brother's appearance!

It's a long story.Then I'll go on!

Sen, you said in response to your little sister.:

"Well!I'll fold it for you!

Your brother's good at origami.

Want to learn?Look at him!”

Since then your little sister loves you.

She said she'd spend the rest of her life with her brother.,

Mom and dad in a hurry to say: "impossible!No way!”

Dad now remembered always feel funny and interesting, but also admire your little sister's courage.

And then she cried, " whatever!Forget it!”

Sen, it's not easy to appease your little sister!

Mom and dad still need a lot of time to come up with a lot of tricks.

Maybe she was just a little girl.,

So now she and her childhood is a big contrast!

And since then, the little sister's nightmare came.

Trick or treat you all day thinking about how to freak out your little sister.

The moment is to catch insects, and a terrible mask.

You were so scared of your little sister that you always gave mom and dad a lot of trouble.

Think of maybe you want to let your parents pay attention to you, worry will give you to ignore.

So parents did not pursue this matter, just to appease the little sister.

But over time, you are slowly growing up.

These things don't happen very often.

Since then, you two have made mom and dad more like enemies.

No brother and sister should have the appearance.

All right!The story has finally come to an end here.“

Dad, speaking of ... :

"Well, Dad asked you about your sister

Tell me honestly.

You need two years at grandma's because of your sister.,

Have you ever hated her for that?”

"And no good!  Sen anxious and sudden response.

So Sen asked dad again, is preparing to test down dad.

Sen asked: "Dad, you?"Are you and mom all right these last few years?”

By this time, the scene seemed to get awkward.

Dad didn't respond to this at all.

Apparently dad still doesn't want to say what happened over the years.

Sen, tell dad right now.

"Well, then!It's Okay, Dad.It's getting late. get some rest.”

"Good night, Dad!”

"Good night, Sen!”

So they all lay down on the bed and rested.

Click!Sen turned off a table lamp by the bed.

Sen to dad's direction, dad obviously can't sleep.

He thought that dad was concerned about his mother, which he had not seen for many years.

But dad finally still asleep.

The next morning, Sen first woke up, saw dad still in his sleep.

So Sen was not willing to wake up to sleep in the father, when the morning light from the window beside the bed in.

This morning light seems to bother dad's dream.Dad sat up from the bed and said Good Morning!

“Good Morning, " said Sen.

Dad.”At the same time the delivery staff came in the ward.

The delivery guy said:

"This is today's special meal.

Heard about it. you'll be out of the hospital soon.


He said, and then he went out.

Suddenly a surprise appeared so that Sen was horrified!

The paramedics and the Sen family and friends sang loudly:

"Happy Birthday To You-Happy Birthday To You-Happy Birthday to you”

Sen remembered that today is his birthday.

Because he has been busy with business every day for every month of his life.

So Sen forgot every year's birthday.

So he felt very moved and everything could be like before

Being able to be as happy as before, this kind of happiness can be very simple.

He did not seem to be very angry because of the sudden shock.

Instead, Sen also thanked everyone for their efforts.

At this moment, Sen suddenly heard his mother's voice, he immediately turned behind.

He saw his mother's hand holding her little sister's hand.

He just found out that mom decided to change her mind and chose to come back.

So the family has since become complete.

He had the courage to do something to repay the health care workers and family and friends.

So Sen gave everyone a note and told everyone about his story with dad,

And then he told everyone:

"This note was given to you,

What would you think?,

What do you have to say to him?”

After a while, Sen was like,:

"He's going to write a novel with everything that everyone wrote down on the note.

So he called the novel "Mind Of Sen”.

"Just a note but countless times to let them lift the dispute between.”

A bad start, there must be a good ending.

- End.-

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