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You like me?? Yeah right
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You like me?? Yeah right
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Meet Luna Storm Johnson , A who is very outgoing, sarcastic, funny girl, who is in love with gummy bears and Oreo. She live with her father after finding out that her mom cheated on her dad with her co-worker. Luna thinks that love is just a waste of time. The only people who knew this was Luna's Best friends and knows her father is a Billionaire, who own the Johnson Industry, or so that what she thought.

Meet Jason Hendrix, A good-looking, cold-hearted, bad-boy, who is a gangleader. Jason is the badboy of the school. One of the popular kids. Everyone knows he is the most feared gangleader. Jason is even a number 1 player of the school. Behind his Good-looking face lays a lot of secret hoping to be set free.

Jason and Luna never notice each other even though they went to the same school for like 4 years. Luna doesn't know about the rumors that are going around the school because she doesn't listen to them. Even though her friends, repeat the rumor to her she just forget about them. They never notice each other until, Jason had a mission at a club and Luna's friends invite her to a club, even though they were under-age.

*************************************************************** **********************************

Will anyone be able to uncover Jason's secret? What happen when they meet at the club? Will their be hate or love? Join Luna and Jason in their crazy adventure and uncover a lot of secret of both character.

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Total Reading Time: 49 minutes
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