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The Mentor
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The Mentor
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This one is for my daughter. She talked me into it (again) and it is her favorite genre of books. So, Bet, this one is for you.

The true-bloods, the masters, they came first. That was hammered into Heath's head since he could walk with both words and fists by Karen. As a guardian and half-blood bastard of his vampire father, he would never know peace. His duty as a dhampir, his duty was clear, his fate sealed. Heath was to serve Gerald, an aging Vampire Lord, one who was of pure blood, born to the race, until Heath outlived his prime and then he would pass on the knowledge that was passed to him onto a new bastard to carry protecting the bloodline.

But was it necessarily his fate? Could a sterile half breed such as himself, someone who did not exist in the human world, live anywhere in the world on the light? After a particularly nasty encounter with his Mentor, Heath is on the run. Set on not becoming the new guardian and knowing that decision has now marked him for death. The hunt is on and somewhere behind him is Joshua, the heir of his Master, and the thing that plagues his nightmare, his Mentor Karen.

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Total Reading Time: 44 minutes
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