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9 Mile Season One (Freshman Year)
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9 Mile Season One (Freshman Year)
Ali Lynnè Marr
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I started writing this my freshman year of high school, all the way back in 2004. I was fourteen. So obviously, the beginning kind of sucks. But I promise it gets better. I guess it's not really novel-esque, but hey, it's my story damn it and I dedicated my whole high school career to this thing. Yes,the names in this story are completely weird, but that is because the majority of the characters are actual people I know, therefore I have used code names, especially since not everything is true about these people. And also a lot of inside jokes, so if something does not make sense to you, that is probably why. Now I know I am not the best writer, as there have been a lot of pointless, and open story lines, but hey. This was all in good fun. And I am very proud of this story. At least some people think that it is interesting! And yes I have stolen a lot of storylines/quotes from Degrassi. That's because I was obsessed. I truly was. And yes, a lot of things are very unrealistic, but I have also edited the shit out of this story to get rid of some of the dumb stuff my young teenage self wrote. Maybe I could publish this, but would need a lot of editing, lol. Also the name 9 mile came from a dirty joke. If you really wanna know, ask me and I will tell you. So yeah, enjoy!:)

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