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Moonlit Songs
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Moonlit Songs
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❝ "I gasp as I feel his hand wrap around my throat, putting just the right amount of pressure to heat up my core once again. 

I press my thighs together as the lack of oxygen to my brain makes my body tingle with desire. 

His lips moved roughly against mine, claiming me just as fiercely as the siren did before." ❞


18-year-old Astrea Pine has a simple life- swim, work, sleep, repeat. Her life changes after the two mysteriously and beautiful, Xander and Thea, walk into her life. Just a touch of caramel skin and the sparkle of an emerald eye is enough to capture Astrea's interest. 

She soon finds herself immersed in a world she doesn't understand. But it doesn't end there, a growing evil has settled itself upon two different kingdoms. One on land, the other deep within the sea. Said evil threatening to take over and destroy everything Thea and Xander hold dear. Embarking on a thrilling persuit, Astrea fights alongside Xander and Thea to save their beloved kingdoms. Everyone's trust and love for one another tested in a mission for salvation. 

Will she be able to win against the threatening evil? Or will she lose something precious along the way?

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Total Reading Time: 21 minutes
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