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The Other World
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The Other World
Schizoid Nightmares
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During the annual joy parade, a little girl discovers a different side to her idyllic town.

I originally published this flash fiction in Schizoid Nightmares Anthology I on April 16, 2019 as the anthology's first story. It was my first story released under this pseudonym, Schizoid Nightmares. More than a year later on October 20, 2020, I would rewrite and release it on its own. It is not present in later versions of the anthology due to quality control.

The events of this story are fictional, any resemblance to real events or people is not intentional. Additionally, the actions or messages either expressed implicitly or explicitly should not be taken as being endorsed by the author or other contributors.

The cover for The Other World was created by Schizoid Nightmares by editing photography uploaded to pexels.com by Vyoum Kushwaha and Pixabay, licensed in their original form under the Pexels License and CC0 respectively. Vyoum Kushwaha and Pixabay do not endorse and are not in any way associated with the works of Schizoid Nightmares.

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