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The Deceptive One
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The Deceptive One
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"I wonder how you must be feeling, knowing that you've been nothing but a pawn. Knowing that this entire time, you've been played like a fool. Knowing that no matter how hard you try, you will always be the downfall of everyone around you. Knowing your worst enemy will always be yourself..."

Every character has both their strengths and their flaws. Usually, it is for two entirely different things. It is only very strange scenarios that both your strength and weakness happen to be the same thing. Jake Jericho is one of those strange people. His strength and his weakness are identical. Being a detective.

A famous detective with a perfect reputation, Jake is faced with a case that pushes him to his ultimate limits. As the amount of victims increases and more and more clues are revealed, Jake soon realizes that his chase to find the Deceptive One is much more than that.

But sometimes, your worst enemy just happens to be yourself...

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Total Reading Time: 34 minutes
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