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Tales of Cobardon
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Tales of Cobardon
Yash Bhatt
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A spoiled child rules Cobardon under the supervision of his legendary uncle. The rulers have built up enemies. The world of Cobardon is brutal and unforgiving to the unwary. The flame of wreckage conflagarates due to the ruler's latest ruling - a grievous mistake. They ordered the death of two children of two different great houses. It has become personal and peace seems no end. A rebellion is sparked and each man/women of power have their own treacherous allies and staunch enemies. There is more but, as there are immortals, dragons, supernatural creatures, shapechangers, legacies, and dense history of the continent of Cobardon. But, there are even forces beyond man's magnitude as Gods meddle and actively manipulate, determining the fate of mortals.

The tale is portrayed via an array of interesting, relatable, fleshed-out characters with their flaws and bonds and skills and power.

Take a dip into this fantasy world profused with subtle, dense politics and a conquest to exert dominion over Cobardon. WARNING: THIS IS NO FAIRY TALE! There is no hero there is no villain, they are only people!

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