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the forbidden lovers.
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the forbidden lovers.
d guy
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during the cold war between united state and germany, the united state marine chieftain ordered his troops to eliminate every single person that lives in a state called bavaria in germany, because he believe that will stop the war cause that the state where germany get their war equipment. he succeeded in accomplishing his goal, and the germany army retreated from united state border. but while one of his troop was massacring people in the street of munich, he saw a helpless young boy about 8 years old he sat next to an uncompleted building with two corpse laying in front of him, those were his parent. the soldier couldn't resit a helpless young boy so he picked the boy up and smuggled him into the united state. he later on put the boy in foster home before he was assassinated by the cheiftain, caused the cheiftain had found out what he had done. after years the boy swears to get his revenge on the united state marine for what they had did to hisĀ 

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