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The legend of the white wolf and black wolves
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The legend of the white wolf and black wolves
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Legend states that Serena the moon goddess wanted to create pure werewolves. Her brother Damien the God of witches warned her about it but she turned a deaf ear and instead proceeded with her plans. She created a black wolf which she named lucious and a white wolf which she named Eleanor. She watched them grow, Lucious was pure evil no hint of emotions in him but Eleanor on the other hand was kind hearted, but she also had a really bad side. She saw she made a mistake and created mates. She paired them together so that they could balance each other. But every wrong had consequences, legend also stated that there was gonna be another pair but instead double the evil....

Emma Sanders...
A human or so they thought..
What happens when they found out that she was a later shifter and she was the legendary white wolf...
"Get out and never come back" my mum screamed as she sobbed into father's body...

Alexander and Alexandro king.....
Alphas to the blackblood pack
The most cruel and powerful alphas in the world...
The children's scary bedtime story...
What happens when they find out about a rogue passing into their territory and that she is their mate......
(Sorry my description was long but it's worth it)

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