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The Meaning of Marriage
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The Meaning of Marriage
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Rumi really did not exoect her life will bot go according to plan. She thought married to a rich husband will be an escape for her just so so life. But 5 years later the fate put an end to her happy life

After her divorce due to his husband affair, and the lost of her sick daughter a year after that, for 7 years Rumi spend her life working just to keep her busy

She already had trauma about being in relationship and another fear if she must feel the same lost of child again

One day a message come from her dictor friends that his ex husband died due to malnutrition

She was taken aback, how such a man with 30%share from the prestigious hospital can die to malnutrition

After the funeral, she come home drinking, and hd. Very long dream. When she woke up, she turn back to 14 years ago, right in the after her sexual intercourse with her ex husband which was a three months before her marriage.


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