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Lovers of Freedom
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Lovers of Freedom
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Annie is a recent university graduate who is often dragged into awkward situations with her group of friends. She is a decided individual who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. In her group of friends she has found romance more than once but she is happy enjoying her current singlehood. 

Her plans however are jeopardised when Tom Houben, a long time rival has decided to pursue her romantically, and tries to get into her pants. Annie's plan was to mainly keep herself away from drama and heartbreak, and to kiss as many guys as she could. This new situation grabs her almost by surprise and she is unable to know what will be her next move or if Tom is really what she wants.  

Annie is the sort of person who really enjoys her freedom and maybe she and Tom have more in common than she ever thought. 

Join Annie in her romantic journey and read about her experience with alcohol, parties and sex in a city life in London and around Europe. 

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Total Reading Time: 4 hours 31 minutes
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