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Clock Goat
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This story is about a boy who pursues the meaning of his life and the reason why he lives. He searches for those answers in the sanctuary of God. This is just a fiction and is not related to actual religions at all. It is highly appreciated if you would not take it seriously even if the story set in this fiction differs from the religion you believe in. And, I hope that you will have fun, be encouraged, and become determined to reach your dream.

Kujo Seiya failed the university entrance exam. It was just taking an exam, but he was really shocked and discouraged because he failed to be enrolled in his dream university. After receiving the results, he stayed at home for a while but felt tired of lying on the bed all the time and went out. There, he met a man named Asano.

It was God's sanctuary that was brought to Asano who he met at the park. Sugoroku — Japanese board game — takes place in the sanctuary of God and controls every human action. In other words, the failure to pass the exam stems from stopping in the square of "falling" in God's Sugoroku. Upon knowing this fact, Seiya couldn't find the meaning of working hard and even living. 

Yuji was in search of an oasis. Hiruko was in search of his parents and got lost in God's sanctuary. Standing in front of  Seiya is Gotz, the only company that controls the sanctuary of God. The information he wants to know is hidden by Gotz. Is he all-knowing? Or does he only know things partially? Can he see the truth and face his own life with limited information?


"Gottsu" (sound: gotz) means very or extreamly in the Kansai dialect in Japan. "Gotsui" means "stout", and has phonetic change into "Gottsu" in speaking.

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