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The Lost Kingdom
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The Lost Kingdom
K. B. Nocturne
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This was once a world without magic. With vast lands, beautiful forests, metal beasts that could fly across oceans. No one remembers what happened. No one knows where it all went. There are no mountains now. No forests. No metal beasts. Only the boundless ocean that lay before each island. Not many understood how to use magic. Not many know why they received it at such a high price. Billions died. Their bodies lost to the deep sea of nothingness. 

And now, a woman appeared out of nowhere. They don’t know where she came from. They don’t know why she’s here. They don’t know what her goal is. Some suspect she isn’t from their world. But no one really knows. Many claim to know her name, but everyone spits out a different word.

I’m hoping to find her before they do. I’m hoping she’s the one I think she is. I’m hoping she is alive and well, wandering the Earth like myself. I pray every night I see her at least one more time. I just need to see her face one last time.

I can’t get her screams out of my head.

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