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Possessive Huh?
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Possessive Huh?
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He stood up with his hands in his pockets

"I don't know Zora. I'm pretty sure Jackson made himself pretty clear a while ago. "  
My head snapped upon hearing this and I sighed in anger.
"Xavier you and Jack can't- "
"Zora, I know I made myself clear!" he growled.
"I...I.." I hesitated to look at him.
"You what?" He asked now walking towards me 
My eyes widened. I held out my hand to stop him his expression blank but also slightly amused.

That...fucking jackass 

"There is no reason for anyways of these rules! " I huffed.

Our face was now inches apart  

He tilted his head to the side and smiled slightly
"I don't know if you realized Zora but," he whispers, his eyes darting down to my lips then back to my eyes. "You are mine,"

My breath hitches in my throat as his face gets closer to mine. I wanted to stop him but my heart says otherwise. His lips soon settled on mine, my stomach doing flips as he took over.

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