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Food Fantasy - Story of Souls
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Food Fantasy - Story of Souls
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**Note that this is not my work but only transferred it here to see if anyone would like to play the game "Food Fantasy" after reading some of it's characters stories, All credits from the novel goes to [ELEX] for creating the stories and [Food Fantasy:Wiki Fandom] as my source of information**

Food Souls are the heroes in the world of Tierra.. 

When all hope seemed lost, the Magic Academy discovered a new breed of souls lying dormant within "Food". In a race against time, the scientist began to research and develop a powerful Magic Crystal that could awaken the souls lying dormant in food. Through countless failures, they finally succeeded in awakening these Food Souls. Food Souls were not only conscious and highly intelligent but they also had the abilities of magic. They quickly became the deciding factor in the war against the Fallen Angels.     

The awakening of Food Souls instilled hope into humanity again. And as the struggle between Fallen Angels and humans continued, balance was once again restored. The survival or extinction became a question that can only be answered by time itself.

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