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Glitter Kids
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Glitter Kids
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Connie Parker is non binary and they use they/them pronouns. Their parents split up when they were little, and they're still trying to find what love means to them. Oskar Goldschmidt is probably on the autism spectrum, but never properly diagnosed. He is introverted and spends his time reading and writing. Susan Parker is Connie's sister. Born eleven months after, she looks almost identical to her sibling. She is struggling with her mental health and is on a journey to self discovery. William Hemmings is a nerd, but he's handsome. He has a huge secret - he likes boys and always had a crush on his childhood best friend River. Oskar and William had just met Connie and Susan when they decide that each one of them should write a diary. And that they should read it when the school year has ended. What they still don't know is how the Parker siblings are going to change their lives and the lives of the other students of Trinity High School, for better or for worse.

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