D&D-Like: Survival Meeting in the Afterlife | Penana
D&D-Like: Survival Meeting in the Afterlife
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Submission Closed
D&D-Like: Survival Meeting in the Afterlife
Judging: Community Vote
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Choose a character that died in one of your stories or a character that you have not written of yet but want to test out.

Your character will wake up in an unknown dark warehouse with only the bare essentials. All of the contestant's characters will be separated into different warehouses in this old abandoned town. It's up to you to guide them into meeting up with the other contestants to figure out where they are and how to leave. If your character has powers then those powers have to be taken back throughout the story.

The direction of the story, twists, and turns, all depend on your creativity and teamwork with the other participating writers. I hope this will give birth to new friendships and renewed creativity.

Also, the first one to post on here will be the Main Character of this 4-week long saga, write with that in mind.

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