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Following The Rules
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Following The Rules
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Sawyer has always had a taste for the bad girls. The broken. The relationships that don't end well. Being the son and heir of the wealthiest businessman in architecture, his every move is watched. His favorite cologne advertised in the magazine's. Something funny he once said is in the newspaper. Pictures posted all over the internet.

His escapades are tarnishing the family name and putting the business in jeopardy. To save it, he agrees to start seeing the daughter of a potential partner in the industry. She's a good girl. Plain. Boring. Exactly the kind of person who will help him drag his name out of the dirt. Her best friend Kaylee, is an entirely different story.

Wild, funny, sassy and beautiful. But there's more to this bad girl than just alcohol and one night stands. She might just be the one to bring Sawyer and Toni together. Or tear them apart.

WARNING: This story contains swearing. Lots of it. Mild drug use, such as alcohol and weed. Depression. May be offensive to some. This is the only warning you'll get, unless I add sexual content.


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