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Embers of the Moon
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Embers of the Moon
Josiah A. Valentine
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Aelfric is a boy who knows little to nothing about his past or his lineage, having grown up on a remote island far removed from civilization and the outside world. His mentor, an old magician, teaches him to use magic and fight with a sword, as well as educating him in the ancient myths and legends of the past. At the age of 17, Aelfric decides to leave the island. He voyages to the mainland and discovers a world that is completely removed from the one he has been told about in the myths of yore. Everyone has forgotten what magic actually is, and nobody has seen a dragon in centuries. As he struggles to adapt to this massive culture shock, he stumbles upon a girl named Ashleigh, who is just as much of a loner as he is. Together, they uncover dark secrets lurking beneath the streets and stones of the city. The House of the Moon, an ancient order dedicated to ensuring peace and order in the world, is under attack by mysterious enemies with dark powers. As this conflict emerges, Aelfric and Ashleigh find themselves locked in a battle not of their own making, against forces more powerful than they have ever experienced, and both of them must face their inner demons to survive. Nobody can be trusted in this world.

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