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My Heart's Throne
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My Heart's Throne
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I messed up big time!!

  Trust me you don't want to be in my shoe and if you have then I know exactly how you feel.

  At first it was easy, at least simple then it got complicated then it got complex then at the end... it was as anyone of us have thought.


  Loving him was the best feeling I have ever felt. Him being there for me when I needed him the most. Him cheering me up when I'm sad. Him making me laugh and giggle with his goofiness and his silly jokes. Him making me blush every damn time with his teases and comments that just keep my feeling alive and ignites them even more.

  He is just beyond perfect.

  I have been in love with Matt for so long but I have hidden it behind my curtains, behind my friendly smiles. Because... Because I, Summer Clain am his best friend and nothing more.

  A girl can wish and hope though, right?

-- No. 1 --

  "I can't get in I'll just wait for you out here."

  "No. You're not." He drags me inside. "It's the boys locker." I protest.


  "Their could be a naked guy inside." I reason.

  "First, No. We're the only ones here. And second, if there was any guy in there I wouldn't be willing to let you go in 'cause I'm hundred percent positive that they would be all over you." He replies. My blush increases.

  "And sweetheart, I'm the only guy who is allowed to be all over you." His voice gets husky and low as he whispers the last parts.

  "You're impossible." 

-- No. 2 --

  Oh god.

  The feeling and emotions that erupt inside my chest as well as the pit of my stomach is wordless. The way his lips work around my body, the equal attention he gave to my breasts makes me speechless. 

  He removes his lips from my hot fiery skin only to lock them with mine again.

  "God, you're fucking beautiful." He looks into my mint hazels, his fingers playing on the string of my panties asking for permission.

-- No. 3 --

  Without either of us knowing he was already crowned on 'My Heart's Throne'.

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