My YouTube Crush: Enemies to Lovers (Sweet Romance) | Penana
My YouTube Crush: Enemies to Lovers (Sweet Romance)
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My YouTube Crush: Enemies to Lovers (Sweet Romance)
Michelle Courtney
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Cassie Phillips is humiliated after a contest goes wrong on her family’s popular YouTube channel.  Stripped of her popularity, boyfriend and pride. She vows never to expose herself to the world again through the eyes of a camera lens. Until a forced fateful trip to a YouTube convention, where she encounters a mysterious and gorgeous male fan who has a crush on her. Her world is flipped when she becomes the one with the crush, worse she finds out he is her internet foe. But it’s too late, she has fallen for him.

Pushing her anger aside, he helps Cassie find the strength and confidence to step back in front of the camera. When she arrives back at school more popular, with an famous boyfriend and her pride restored, she finds she doesn’t need the popular crowd, just her best friend El, who has always been by her side.

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Total Reading Time: 30 minutes
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